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Why don't you have screen time limits?
Why don't you have screen time limits?

Screen time limits don’t work! We traded restrictions for involvement because that’s what keeps kids safe online.

Updated over a week ago

Screen time limits aren't the answer! Involvement with the Aqua One is.

Simply put: We don't believe screen time limits work, and the research backs it.

More and more pediatricians and researchers have begun to believe that it's less about the time spent on screens and more about the type of experiences kids have online.

The argument for implementing screen time limits is usually to protect kids from negative experiences. Let's be honest. These can happen anytime, anywhere, at 3 pm or 3 am.

In addition, limiting a kid’s screen time and online access often leads to sneaky and defiant behavior. When you set these restrictions, your kid will likely learn to work around them.

Our goal is to strengthen your parent/child relationship, and getting involved in what your kid does is much more effective than limiting what they can do. As a result, we created the first phone that allows you to access a previously hidden part of your kid's online world, laying the groundwork for honest conversations.

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