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Does the Aqua One only work with Mint Mobile?
Does the Aqua One only work with Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile is our exclusive partner, but the Aqua One can be added to most major service providers.

Updated over a week ago

The Aqua One smartphone works with most major providers!

The Aqua One does not come with talk, text & data, so we partnered with Mint Mobile to give you a great network at an affordable price. Their $15/month subscription plan for your first three months comes with......

  • Unlimited talk & text

  • Nationwide coverage

  • 4G LTE

Or, you can add your child’s Aqua One to any major service provider except Verizon, Straight Talk, and AT&T. We recommend you check with your service provider to confirm compatibility (the current Aqua One model is incompatible with e-sim cards).

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