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Does the Aqua One come with a SIM card?
Does the Aqua One come with a SIM card?

The phone does not come with a SIM card but you have plenty of choices when it comes to getting talk, text, and data.

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The Aqua One gives you plenty of options for cellular service!

The Aqua One currently does not include a SIM card in our subscription plan.

This decision was made to provide families with the phone that best suits their needs. It allows us to make the Aqua One available to parents who don’t want cellular options and those who do. Don't worry, though. Your Aqua One will still work on wifi without talk and text.

You have a couple of options to get talk, text, and data on your Aqua One.

1) Use our partner Mint Mobile on your Aqua One! Their $15/month subscription plan for your first three months comes with...

  1. Unlimited talk & text

  2. Nationwide coverage

  3. 4G LTE

Check out all their cellular plan options!

2) Contact your service provider about adding a line to your current plan and get a SIM card directly from them. The Aqua One is compatible with all major network providers except Verizon, Straight Talk, and AT&T. The current Aqua One model is not currently compatible with e-sim cards.

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