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I'm unable to download app(s) on WiFi
I'm unable to download app(s) on WiFi

Let's restart your WiFi connection on the Aqua One!

Updated over a week ago

Try these troubleshooting steps to start downloading apps on WiFi again!

First, check your WiFi connection: Navigate to Settings > Network & Internet> WiFi

  1. Turn the toggle switch off(gray; the circle on the left is off).

  2. Turn the toggle back on (green; the circle on the right is on).

  3. Tap WiFi.

  4. Look for your preferred WiFi connection and the network name.

  5. Enter password if required.

  6. The device will connect to WiFi.

(If a password is incorrect, underneath the WiFi network name, it will display “Check password and try again.”)

If issues continue, please contact [email protected] or click the chat bubble at the bottom of your screen.

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