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My phone isn’t turning on.
My phone isn’t turning on.

Let's start by plugging your phone into the charger.

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We know it's frustrating when your kid's Aqua One won't turn on so here are some troubleshooting tips.

Plug the device into a wall outlet using the factory-provided charger and cable (not into a computer product or other power source). Does the battery charging indicator light up on the screen and display the battery percentage?

  • If YES. Leave it to charge until it reaches 25% before powering it on.

  • If NO. Leave the device to charge for 1 hour, then tap the power button once.

    • If the device doesn’t power on, try using a different USB cable and charging port.

If these solutions don't work, please email [email protected] or click the chat bubble on the bottom right side of your browser so our Customer Care Team can assist you.

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