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How do I share my Parent Dashboard?
How do I share my Parent Dashboard?

We've made it as easy as possible to grant access to your child's Cyber Dive Parent Dashboard!

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Seamlessly share your Cyber Dive Parent Dashboard right from within your account!

We understand our parents want the freedom to share their Parent Dashboard with other family members/trusted individuals. We created the Shared Dashboard so you can share your child's Parent Dashboard with up to 5 people. They’ll be able to see all your child’s Aqua One online activity feed, Mental Health Check responses, and app list. Location sharing is optional.

Steps to share your Parent Dashboard:

  1. Head to your settings page in your Parent Dashboard and select "Share Dashboard".

  2. Select the child account(s) you want to share. (This will share their Mental Health Checks, Activity Feed, and App list)

    1. We have made our location sharing optional to allow parents to customize the Shared Dashboard for privacy reasons!

  3. Once you select continue, fill out the required contact information to send the invite. Once this is done, you will select whether you want to share the child's location with this individual.

  4. A one-time code will be texted and emailed to your device to verify your identity and assure your child's privacy. Once the verification code is entered, the invitation will be sent.

  5. A link will be sent to the individual's email and they can directly log into the Cyber Dive Parent Dashboard account that has been created for them to accept or reject the invite. Here are detailed instructions on how to respond to the Shared Dashboard invite. You will be notified on your notifications page when they accept or reject the invite.

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