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What is the Aqua One smartphone?
What is the Aqua One smartphone?

It’s a fully functional smartphone for children with unlimited monitoring for parents. It combines the best of both worlds!

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It’s the best smartphone out there for kids AND parents!

Here’s why:

  • It's a fully functional Android smartphone your kid will want. They have access to every app in the Google Play store, so they’ll never feel like they’re missing out.

  • It syncs with our comprehensive Parent Dashboard for a seamless monitoring experience. Every action your kid takes on the smartphone will be displayed for you to view in the Online Activity tab. Nothing will be hidden from you!

  • It has a one-of-a-kind Mental Health Check feature. It interrupts your kid’s scroll three times a day and sends them thought-provoking questions created alongside clinical psychologists. Those answers drop into your Parent Dashboard, giving you a real-time snapshot of their emotional state.

  • It comes with! Kids are hard on phones, but you’ll never have to worry about paying for insurance or the cost of getting a new phone again. We’ve taken care of that for you!

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