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How does the Aqua One work?
How does the Aqua One work?

Unlimited monitoring. Mental Health Checks. Real-time location tracking. We mean it when we say it's the best smartphone for kids!

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The Aqua One gives you unlimited monitoring and so much more!

We are excited to offer you the Aqua One, a fully functional Android smartphone with our unique monitoring system built into the device!


With this, you can connect your smartphone to your child's Aqua One and access our Parent Dashboard ( to view all your child's activities. Every text, game, and app your child interacts with will be mirrored and sent to your Parent Dashboard to view in real time! And don't worry; this activity will be saved in your Parent Dashboard even if your child deletes the content from their Aqua One.


From your Parent Dashboard, you can also see your child's real-time location (with SIM card), whether they are on Wi-Fi or not!

Additionally, you can look at your child's daily Mental Health Check answers to stay on top of their feelings and gain better insight into their mental health!

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