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Is my child’s data secure?
Is my child’s data secure?

Their data is completely secure! The only ones who will ever see it are you and your child.

Updated over a week ago

Making sure your kid's data is secure is our top priority!

The short answer: Yes, your child’s data is completely secure with us.

Cyber Dive doesn't see your data, and we don't share your data with any outside entities, including our network or service providers. Only you can access your child's data.

The long answer: Still yes. Just more detail.

Our cloud servers are distributed and air-gapped, while data is chunked and stored in a non-attributable fashion. This means that no one can access our data servers from the public, and your child's data is stored in tiny pieces that only make sense once assembled.

It's like your child's data was written on paper before our software, and AI shredded the paper and placed each shred in multiple locations across the country. Once put back together, they make sense. But until our software and AI reassemble the pieces as they load into your parent dashboard, it's just a bunch of random junk.

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