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I am not seeing my child’s activity.
I am not seeing my child’s activity.

Try these troubleshooting steps to jumpstart getting data in your Parent Dashboard.

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Unlimited parental monitoring is a big deal and we're here to help you get data into your Parent Dashboard.

If you're not getting your child's activity, there are a couple of things you can try -

  1. Restart the Aqua One.

  2. Connect your Aqua One to strong wifi if it's out of data or doesn’t have a SIM card.

  3. Check the status bar on the top of the Aqua One to see if there is a small TV screen icon.

    1. If the TV screen icon isn’t appearing, go to your apps and search “DataParser.”

    2. Select the app. It will open and close immediately, triggering a reconnection to your Parent Dashboard. (It may take a moment for your kid's activity to appear).

  4. If you still aren't receiving your kid's activity, please contact our Customer Care team at [email protected] or click the chat bubble on the bottom right side of your browser.

Note: App usage stats sync with the Parent Dashboard approximately every 6 hours. Our Engineering Team is currently working to reduce the time between syncs.

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