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How do I connect my replacement Aqua One?
How do I connect my replacement Aqua One?

Follow these steps to get your replacement phone up and running!

Updated over a week ago

Let's get your replacement Aqua One ready to go!

Before you begin, make sure to follow these steps to back up your kid's current Aqua One.

Now, let’s get your kid’s new Aqua One connected!

  1. Log into your Parent Dashboard

  2. Go to SETTINGS (tap the menu in the upper left-hand corner)


  4. Tap the name of the child receiving the replacement Aqua One

  5. Tap CONNECT REPLACEMENT and follow the on-screen instructions

You will know the Aqua One was connected when you see the success screen! Please make sure your phone is not on dark mode and the brightness setting is all the way up for this process.

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